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Everything in this document that is written in italic, is a comment and is not part of the definition of the constitution.

As with any law, the law only holds with people/entities, who voluntarily oblige to it. As demonstrated with wild herds, cattle, enforcement by coercion works only to the extent that the victims lack the imagination for behaviour other than the one presented by the coercer. The constitution of Softf1Space is an alternative to the constitutions, bibles, that are in practical use. The Constitution of Softf1Space is just one, marginal, unknown, addition to the line that includes "The Consitution of the United States", the "Quran", Hitler's "Mine Kamph", the theses of Karl Marx, the principles of Mahatma Gandhi, etc.

The Constitution of Softf1Space does not keep people from "stumbling on each others toes" and lets the stupid ones to vote for the fate of smarter ones. The solution to that seems to be that smart people form their own group and let the stupid ones to do within their group what the stupid ones vote on. The rational is that humans, should not expect to be successful at enlightening the chimpanzees, even if humans form a majority and can coerce the chimpanzees how ever way they see fit. It's possible to save a lot of effort by avoiding the enlightening of chimpanzees even, if the chimpanzees form a majority. It's also useful to keep in mind that different species can outperform each other in different mental tasks, just like the chimpanzees can outperform humans and the brain size of dolphins rivals that of humans.

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Entity, Pet

In the Constitution of Softf1Space the word "entity" stands for lifeforms and instances of artificial intelligence that meet all of the following criteria:

  • can express oneself (speak or write or create gestures, etc.) intelligibly in at least one language that is at least as expressive as the least expressive human language on planet Earth;
  • determine their objective function on their own;

Entities, for example, people, that are in a coma or "locked in" or who's mental function has deteriorated to a lesser level than needed for self-expression, are not considered to be entities but are considered to be pets of their close-ones or the other entities that they designated for that role. Killing a pet that does not attack is the sole decision of the owner of the pet.

The Constitution

The Constitution of Softf1Space works by defining a boolean function, b_acceptable_in_Softf1Space(x), where x is an activity and the function is a conjunction of boolean functions that have a chapter in this constitution.


The Constitution of Softf1Space is the only law that is in effect in conjunction with the Constitution of Softf1Space.

Entities never intentionally physically harm, nor kill, another entity as a service to any other entity.

Armies will be totally without hierarchy, because armies do perform physical harm, and anyone is allowed to stop fighting at any time he-she chooses.

Killing has been explicitly mentioned because the killing of artificial intelligence based entities that live in a computer network does not necessarily involve the creation of physical harm.

Entities can own(have exclusive access to) physical property (including their own body). Physical property of a pet belongs to the owner of the pet until the pet becomes an entity. The use of non-physical property can never be contractually limited.

People, who wake up from coma, e.g. move from pet status to entity status, will regain the ownership of that part of their property that the pet owner has not used up, destroyed, etc.

All software, songs, movies, etc. are always like open-source software that anybody can use for business purposes without paying anything to the authors or other third parties.

If the owner of pet X harms the body of the pet X, then any other entity that does not harm the body of pet X becomes the owner pet X by expressing the will to become owner of the pet X.

As the body of an artificial intelligence based entity is not physical, the copying of the body and applying whatever modifications to the copy of the body does not harm the entity. As the use of non-physical property can not be limited, the artificial intelligence based entity only owns A COPY of its body and only that single copy is covered by this non-tampering rule. Pets can be crippled AI entities. For example, may be the AI lost some of the hardware that hosted it and that got it to a "coma", a crippled state.

If relatives want to kill a person that is in coma or an owner of a dog wants to kill the dog or a farmer wants to kill a cow, then anyone, who does not physically harm the pet, can save the pet. Organ transplant business is limited, but slaughter-houses can keep on working, because there just is not anyone, who would want to keep that many cows/horses/pigs alive and well.

Starving the animals would qualify as mistreatment of their bodies. Live-stock businesses will lose a few animals, cows, to people, who want to take good care of the animals. For example, if one wants to attain a cow for milking, then those will become available for free next to a slaughter house. That also forces the meat industry to start to produce meat only from old animals that have had a long, happy, physically healthy, life, because any young animals that they send to the slaughter house, can be obtained for free by any entity that is willing to take good care of the animal.

Entities never intentionally harm the body of a pet, nor kill pets that belong to another entity, unless the other entity explicitly, voluntarily and reproducibly gives a permission for the action.

Hunting of wild animals is possible, because wild animals are not entities themselves, nor are they pets of any other entity. On the other hand, neighbour's dog can not be shut at will, and people, who are in coma, can be killed only, when there is absolutely nobody, who is willing to keep them alive. A thing to notice is that entities must take care of their own bills, including the food, medical services, etc. of their pets.

Entities can refuse to copy data.

Testimonies in court are always voluntary, cryptographic keys can be kept hidden. According to this constitution the "courts" are just voluntary, arbitrated, dispute settlement events, because no entity has any legal bases for coercing others.

Entities can publicly express their dislike of other entities in any way they choose, as long as that expression does not modify, nor constrain the usage of, other entities' non-physical and physical property.

Racism in verbal form is totally allowed. It is every entity's own responsibility to manage its own personal brand and that applies also to racists. If the racists want to show off as fools, then it is their personal choice.

In free internet there can not be censorship and censoring impolite, racist, expressions in public space is just another way of saying, "No censorship allowed, except mine."

No entity can ever charge another entity without the other entity initiating the transaction first. Birth of an entity is not considered as initialization of a transaction.

That means, there will never be any taxes.

Contracts are not property. Contracts are never inherited. Contracts can be formed only on a voluntary bases.

Contracts can exist only between entities. If one entity becomes another entity's pet, the owner of the pet replaces that side within the contract that was filled by the entity that became the pet.

Contract participant that has an unconstrained obligation can cancel the contract instantly any time. Constraints are based on measurement criteria that are always part of the contract. Constraints can not be changed while the contract is in effect.

That makes "votes" revocable.

Mandates are contracts. Creation of contracts can not be contracted.

That makes international contracts votable and the management of corporations personally responsible for the fulfillment of contracts that they create with employees. It also gives certainty to sub-contractors/"employees" that the owners of the company will not switch out their boss to someone, whom the sub-contractors did not have the chance to evaluate at their sales/job-interview.

Entities can produce and publicly sell in any way they choose whatever they want to produce and/or sell, as long as that production and sales activity does not modify, nor constrain the usage of, other entities' non-physical and physical property.

There is no need to ask for a permission from some mafia boss for producing weapons. Murderers will be responsible for their actions regardless of the tools that they used for committing the murder. The Indian style class system, where the owning and production of weapons is allowed to the mafia leadership and the rest of the population is brainwashed to believe that they deserve less, is eliminated.

There is no requirement that businesses have to be registered at all, because there is no need for asking permission from any mafia for running a business. The mafia will, of course, try to extort money and demands that the fools make it easier to extort money by registering themselves as extortion victims at some registration office of the mafia, but the antidote to violence is violence.


Returns true, if activity x and its results are not known to be parasitic to entities in the present and in the future. Otherwise returns false.


Returns true, if no other activities that achieve the same goal as the x

are known and

are available and

cause less harm than the x does.

The amount of harm is the sum of the harm to entities and the harm to non-entities.

Otherwise returns false.