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General Applications

  • GAP
  • OpenModelica
  • Scilab requires the precise and knowledgeable use of its not-so-obvious stdlib or the speed of execution will seriously suffer. One of the Scilab forks is called ScicosLab.
  • GNU Octave is a reliable option for projects that can tolerate the rounding errors that are inherent to the CPU supported floating numbers.
  • GNU R (Statistician love it, but its programming language implementation is crappy, so it is not recommended for anything extensive.)
  • SAGE is a unifying wrapper to a myriad of specialized projects.
  • REDUCE offers excellent symbolic calculations, has its mathematics implemented in its own dialect of Lisp and comes with its own Lisp interpreter. Supposedly it includes Redlog, which is part of the VeriDis research project.
  • FreeMat
  • YACAS offers symbolic calculations.

Algebra Focused Software

Logic and Alike

General Math Proof Assistants



  • CVXR is a Matlab-based convex modeling framework.

Software Lists


C++ Libraries


Differential Equations

  • FreeFem++ is a partial differential equation solver based on a flexible language that allows a large number of problems to be expressed (elasticity, fluids, etc) with different finite element approximations on different meshes.

Image Processing




Other Package Lists