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Propaganda can only work, if the believer of the lie is not spending a proper amount of time on analyzing the statements. Having dementia or mental handicap or having only a small amount of life experience increases the risk of becoming a propaganda victim. The most vulnerable groups of a population are children, who have little life experience, the elderly, who have issues with mental health, dementia, and "chicks", who jump to next activity before the analysis of the lie reveals the lie to them.

Бре́жнєв Package

Take some truth, bundle it with a lie and when someone criticizes the lie, talk about the "good things", truly truthful things, within the package.



During Soviet Union era it was common in Estonia that best-seller books were sold only within bundles, where the best-seller was bundled with some Soviet propaganda. The, unofficial, politically banned, nick-name of those bundles was Бре́жнєв Package (Estonian: Бре́жнєв'i pakk).

Chinese Lie

Tell only truth and nothing but the truth, but leave the information that changes the story to a propagandistically unfavoured one, out.

Conformity Before Thought

As people try to mimic things around them, like little babies, they, subconsciously, mimic other peoples' behavior, including situation assessment. Not all group conformity comes from fear or power struggles.

The scheme of the lie is to create an impression that the lier's opinion is the majority opinion and then people will subconsciously consider it also to be their own opinion.

The Halo Effect

A villain is made physically attractive and has great wits. The villain is energetic, smiling, feels content about his actions and position. The good guys are made physically unattractive, monsters, who are nagging at the villain, because they are not content with the villain's actions.

Narrative, Myth

A proper propaganda narrative, myth, describes at least all of the following aspects from the propaganda victim's perspective:

   *) The victim's identity.
   *) The "God", the "greater good"
   *) The "World", the environment, where the propaganda victim resides. 

(The source of the idea and its archival copy.)


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