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This whole love thing, the sex, the relationships, etc., is absolutely individual.


The probability that a smart, clever, individual likes the same sexual pleasures that pop culture, "mainstream", advertises, is less than 50%. The dumber the person, the more boring, classical, un-original is its way of having sex and frolicking is. It's easier to have sex, if the sex partners are of similar height. Having similar height increases the probability that the sizes of their genitals have better compatibility.

It's OK to try things out, provided that biological safety rules are maintained, but it would be naive to think that all of the common things that porno stars are customed to, are doable by an average person. For instance, the act of swallowing slimy, depending on circumstances, almost tasteless, substance, sperm, can be compared with the act of swallowing cooking oil. Usually many people throw up on the cooking oil.


A relationship will not work out, if the LIFE STYLES of the lovers do not FIT TOGETHER. The life styles do not have to match, but they must fit together. For example a wife of a submarine officer or an airliner pilot will be unhappy, if she prefers a lifestyle, where she will spend a lot of time together with her husband and is willing to kiss him every morning.

Attitude Ideas

"She's cool and all, but not my type of cool."