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Public Administration (PA) is a science about enslaving the whole population, except the privileged class, to serve the privileged class, while leaving the part of the population that thinks that they care for freedom an illusion that they are free. One of the keys to an economically successful enslavement of the whole public other than the privileged class is to let the brighter part of the population to be "sufficiently free", so that they do not emigrate or get out of their comfort zone to fight the privileged class. The other key is to notice that the rest of the population can be seen as dumb swarm of bloodhounds that happily do exactly what they are told to do as long as they are fed and somewhat cared for. Examples of the bloodhounds include most of the "state officials" (who do not need to be slackers at all, but lack of self initiative is a must) and pensioners.

If "too great" limits are imposed on the brightest bunch, so that they emigrate or fight the privileged class, then the privileged class looses the war with privileged classes from other regions, just like it happened with the Nazi Germany (Albert Einstein emigrated and sped up the United States nuclear bomb development). If the bloodhounds are somewhat trained, but not kept on a short leash, then the bloodhounds drive the brighter part of the population to emigrate or do nothing and the economy fizzles like it does in 2016 Russia. If the bloodhounds are kept on a short leash, but they are left untrained, then the result is like in the Asian countries, specially 2016 North-Korea and China, where everything falls apart the moment the leadership falls and nothing happens unless the leadership tells, how it has to be done. Untrained bloodhounds starve, when their masters stop feeding them and unleash them, just like in some regions of the 2016 China.

The privileged class members never feel any economic difficulties, regardless of the state of the economy, but they always have the threat of falling out of the privileged class, because there is a lot of competition for the slots at the privileged class. Internally the privileged class has a hierarchy and at economically tough times the lower part of the hierarchy is kicked out of the privileged class. Financial security does not compensate the lack of technological advancements. Medieval kings could not get antibiotics even for the price of multiple castles. Feeding and taking care of the bloodhounds costs, but if the bloodhounds acquire the capability to feed themselves autonomously, then the task of herding them requires brainwashing.

The bloodhounds do not mind repressions, public executions. They just watch by without doing anything against it. All public hangings send a message to the brighter people that if they do not emigrate or fight the privileged class, then they might be hanged at one of the future public hangings.


Dry the Swamp, Flood the Desert

A person, who is part of the minority that gets robbed by the democratic majority of its neighbors can beat the majority by changing the environment so that its own properties become strengths and the properties of its neighbors become weaknesses. There is no need to fight the unbeatable, huge, crocodiles, when the living environment of the crocodiles can be dried up so that even the strongest and previously unbeatable crocodile starves to death and dries up. Tigers can be eliminated by raising the water level, so that even if they are not drowning, they have difficulties attacking their pray. The zebras might want to have the crocodiles attack the tigers, so they might raise the water level to the point that the crocodiles start to attack the tigers and then invite hippos to take care of the crocodiles. That way even the tigers and crocodiles that the zebras are not aware of, get killed.

In the case of the Public Administration fanatics the change of environment involves making it very hard, preferably impossible, to rob, "apply taxes". For example, if some distributed form of automation allows people to get all of the basic services for free, then there will not be any money flows to rob. A compromise solution that, unfortunately, keeps the robbers going is to let only the simpleminded idiots to pay the taxes, but that can be mitigated by refusing to take on government contracts. That way the PA fanatics may have all the money in the world, but they can not buy anything with it, other than the work of the simple-minded people, who paid part of their income to the PA fanatics. Enslavement of bright people generally does not work. The scientists at the Russian science camps worked mostly to fight the Nazis.

If the Public Administration Fanatics are Capable of Being Rigorous at Their Thoughts and Actions

In that case they have some desires and they are rigorously working to achieve those desires. Their plan might be flawed, but at least they spend time assembling the plan and do not divert from the plan due to some random emotion. They are probably going to break their word and double-cross but at least they do it intentionally and in a planned manner, according to their own rule set, not totally randomly. The combination of rigor and desire opens up an opportunity for negotiations, provided that the negotiation is done with an assumption that the other party will lie, not keep their word and double-cross.


The very fact that the people that are the easiest for the Public Administration Fanatics to enslave just do what they are told/brainwashed to do means that the majority of the people need to be told/re-brainwashed, what to do in a new situation after the situation has changed. That creates a bottle-neck at the deployment phase of the instruction updates. The Public Administration Fanatics can quickly figure out, how to best respond to the new tactic of the dissidents, but due to the instruction deployment delay they can not immediately use their greatest advantage over the dissidents, which is the use of masses of obedient people, who just do what they are told/brainwashed to do.

Dissident Deployed Brainwashing Bots

Disturb the brainwashing efforts of the Public Administration Fanatics. The less coherent the mass of dumb people is, the smaller amount of dumb masses the Public Administration Fanatics have working for them.

Win a War

The most costly option for dissidents, but possible, if they have enough brains. In a world, where machines do all the manual labor the labor of brainwashed slaves is uncompetitive from complexity, quality and cost point of view. The dissidents can manufacture the same products in greater volume and at a much cheaper and faster manner. Except that dumb workers are not capable of manufacturing products that the workers are too dumb to manufacture. Even if the Public Administration Fanatics have access to the very same set of scientific results, collections of scientific papers, tech reports, they either have to adopt the same manufacturing technology that the dissidents use or they are at a disparity in terms of military technology. At some point the dumb, brainwashed, slaves are comparatively as useful in a role of soldiers as are dumb gorillas from the jungle, except that the dissidents do not have the cost of keeping the dumb masses brainwashed and unlike the Public Administration Fanatics the dissidents can focus on war fighting and weapons development.

If the Public Administration Fanatics wipe out the dissidents before the dissidents get their systems developed and produced, then the Public Administration Fanatics have to start thinking, how to cope with Public Administration Fanatics from other regions, because then they're all alone at their geographic region and there are no dissidents to do the heavy fighting against the Public Administration Fanatics from other regions. An example of such a case is the 2016 North-Korea, which exists only, because nobody from outside of the North-Korea region really cared to challenge the Public Administration Fanatics of the North-Korea.

"Corrupt" low Level Officials

The top brass of the PAF(Public Administration Fanatics) lives lavishly, but the PAF megacorporation usually fails to provide basic services to its lower level officials, who are critical for keeping the PAF megacorporation in business. The Soviet Union did not collapse because the starving people were a problem, but because the communist party elite failed to provide a minimum living standard to the periphery of its repression apparatus. If the transaction does not involve any money or transfer of physical goods, then there isn't anything to tax and the amount of evidence is reduced, not eliminated.

The key technologies that change the environment favorable for that kind of transactions are the various 3D printing and small-scale prototype manufacturing technologies. For example, if everyone has 3D engraving equipment, then all a carpenter needs to transfer is a file for the 3D engraving equipment and instructions, where to get the wood for the product. Another favorable side-effect is that the less commerce uses money, the smaller the money flows are and the smaller the amount of cheaply collectable taxes are. If the PAF introduces beard taxes, Finnish TV-taxes, chimney taxes, then they need to spend some resources on the inspection of the taxable items and that drives up their tax collection cost. (They might introduce a "stay-alive-tax", where people, who do not pay X amount per year, get shot, except that then everybody, who has any money at all, emigrate as war refugees and most of the ones, who stay behind, get shot, because they do not have any capability to pay the tax anyway. The assumption is that the only reason, why the PAF can demand any tax at all is that they are militarily most powerful at their region of operations. For some weird reason all assassination attempts to kill Hitler failed and nobody from the more than 100 million Russians wants to challenge Putin.)


Why the United States Federal Debt can be a Good Thing

If the overall tax rate is more than 50% and the market and the prices on that market are the same for everybody, then it is guaranteed that the State Apparatus has superiority over all parties at that population. In those market conditions the over 50% overall tax rate makes sure that "the people" WILL NEVER HAVE AUTONOMY. This is the case in 2017 Estonia, with the small sliver of hope that the State, Toompea, is not capable of buying some goods and services that are available to the private sector.

In the case of the United States the National Debt is a means to reduce the overall tax burden and therefore gives more power back to the people of the United States. The U.S. State has to pay interests of that debt, which is money that the U.S. State can not spend on buying anything else. Given that the U.S. State has the most powerful army of the land, if not the whole planet, the U.S. State can say that they will never pay back their loan, they just "confiscate" the loaned money for "national interests", except when the U.S. State is forced to "behave" to get a new loan from the private sector. That is the reason, why there is an everlasting need to "increase the debt limit". New debt is essentially new loan and the private sector will not provide it, if the U.S. "confiscates" the previously loaned money. At the same time, the Soviet Union communism demonstrated that "nationalization" leads to the situation, where nobody has any resources, not even the private sector, which means that the U.S. State is unable to apply a full "nationalization"/"confiscation" or it will end up totally bankrupt like the Soviet Union did. At best the U.S. State can raise the overall tax rate to some level less than 100%. The banksters are smart enough to know that the U.S. State will never pay back its loan, because the U.S. State lacks the means for paying it back or even if it "paid back" the loan, it would have to do it in nonmonetary assets, probably in land usage rights.

The everlasting interest from previous loans("debt sealing increases") can be the source of money for the banksters for giving new loans("debt limit increase") to the U.S. State. At some point the U.S. State interest payments are greater than the money that the U.S. State receives with the new loan, the "debt limit increase", and the banksters can be "generous" and at their discretion temporarily decrease the required interest rate or "defer" interest payment requests. At that point the banksters actually control the amount of money that the U.S. State is able to spend, id est at that point the banksters control the de facto overall tax rate of the U.S. State.


Historical Examples