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Some of my Slogans

  • Because one is not able to walk all paths of life, learn everything, but still forgets a lot from the conscious mind, one has to choose very carefully the next stone in the stream to jump to.

  • The most important thing to remember on a daily bases is that if one were to be born in medieval ages, then one must be able to trade with the very small amount of hardworking, smart, extra intelligent, people, who are capable of noticing that there is something wrong with the lifestyle and understandings of the majority of the medieval people.

  • Accusing bastards for being bastards is the same as accusing the world that the sun is shining, rain is falling and a year has 4 seasons. It is far smarter to make sure that UV-cream is available and an umbrella is at reach and that the the 4 seasons have been taken into account.

(A slightly different version of the same saying in Estonian: Kaabakate kaabakluses süüdistamine on samaväärne kirumisega, et päike paistab, vihma sajab, maa käib ümber päikese. Pigem tasub mõelda, et kas UV-filtriga kreem on hangitud, vihmavari kaasa võetud, erinevate aasta-aegadega arvestatud. :-)

  • Just like the enjoyment of sexual pleasures is something that everyone must do themselves in stead of delegating it to someone else, the standing for one's own interests is something that can never be delegated.

Some of my Various Observations and Sayings

The only possible non-fake news are about dumb, passive, incurious lambs getting new StarWars style cannons on their backs, i.e. news about new technology. That's the only event that changes the game for the wolves, if global climate change, other speices, including various microbes, are not taken to account.

What regards to the importance of doing a good job at engineering/development/research, then the apes at the jungle do not care, if You fall down from the sky due to shoddy engineering (by the people, who developed the plane You were flying). Nor do the apes care, if You die due to the lack of medicine. The medieval kings could not buy themselves a small box of antibiotics even for the price of multiple castles.

Soviet era extensive economics/industry is similar to mega-corporations that try to expand their business by hiring more people in stead of increasing efficiency and automation.

One thing is the availability of tools and education and the possibility to get proper medical care and another thing is the lobbying effort to make people actually use their opportunities. The tools, education, medical care should be freely available to everyone and if needed, then great effort must be made to make them freely available to everyone, but if people do not use them and need to be lobbied to use them, then it's OK for those people to literally drop dead and suffer tremendously. 24/7 availability and announcement of existence and location of the tools and services and educational materials is sufficient. Anything else is lobbying.

All humans are inherently parasites and predators, who are willing to make anyone a victim of one's own pleasure, except that different humans see the limits of their operating environment differently. Dumber ones, including speeces of predatory animals, think that they can beat up and kill, may be even eat, others on the street without crossing limits that effect them to the point that they are not willing to cross those limits. The victim of the dumber ones will suffer tremendously and initially the physical attack, a drive by shooting, stabbing, bite to the neck, will succeed. A bit smarter ones think that if there is a "legal basis" for their action, for example, they might work as a guard at Nazy concentration camp or they might be a top politician or just a billionaire, who can hire the corrupt politicians and Police, conduct their abusive and parasitic actions through a more elaborate scheme and also initially succeed, with consequences arriving to them a bit later in a bit different form. Most clever humans use the cute cat model, where they avoid abusing anyone and try to get along with more capable clever "cute cats" by not being aggressive and not being abusive.

If a person lives in a dirt pile with cockroach-es, so that the cockroaches spread from that person's flat to neighboring flats, then that person is personally responsible for the actions that the cockroaches take at the neighboring flats. The same applies, if the role of the cockroaches are fulfilled by politicians, suicide terrorists, etc. Civilian Germans were fully responsible for the 2. World War. Ordinary Russians are responsible for the deeds of the various czars, Stalin, Lenin, Putin. Ordinary Estonians are responsible for the actions of the politicians at Toompea and the actions of various ministry officials.

Supposedly the Steve Jobs claimed that whenever consumers are asked, what they would like to buy, then their answer is that they would like to buy things that they can understand, more and cheaper. That excludes all things that are new, novel, because people are not aware of the new things and therefore the new things are not understood. The only way to find out, whether a truly novel product has any market, is to produce it and see, if people buy it. The same mechanism applies to research institutions, including universities: if universities are required to serve the business community, then the order is to produce mainly things that the business community can understand, more and cheaper, not any truly new and novel technologies. The only alternative to such a failing scheme is that the research institutions are given the money and told to do whatever they want, without any evaluation from the funding party. The funding party must do its evaluation prior to handing over the money and if research is what the research institution members do for fun, then that's what they are actually going to spend that money on regardless of whether some audit can verify it or not. (Probably the people carrying out the audit do not really understand, what is going on anyway, because paying for the strippers might actually be a research expense, just like barrels of alcohol are a research expense for people, who want to store organs in jars. People, who study exotic fish might need fishing equipment, boat rent and tickets to some island with palm trees, etc.)

Cats that catch mice are out, catching mice, not purring on their master's lap. Corporate world hires the purrers, freelancers that work for results only are the ones, who are out catching mice. It is difficult to have a corporate orgy with remote workers that want to do actual work in stead of socializing.

A properly slaved person believes that it can not survive without its master or that it is far worse off without its master than it is with its master. At its master's leash the slave feels safe and happy, to the point that it even feels safe to reproduce.

Counting on the smartness of violent adversaries in stead of arming oneself properly is like swimming among sharks without a protective cage and without a harpoon with an excuse that only a very stupid shark would bite or swallow me because my blood is poisonous to the sharks. Not bearing arms is a smart solution in a situation, where the probability of being bitten by sharks is smaller than the probability of accidental discharge of arms.

If You want peace, prepare for war. If You want that peace to be not based on repression, make sure that there is high level of competition. As stupid people get into conflicts even at the environment of high competition, the only way to avoid conflicts with the stupid people is to avoid having anything to do with them. To minimize conflicts at one's immediate vicinity, where it is not possible to avoid others, everyone must be helped to realize their maximum intellectual potential. The "cute cat model" is, how I self have to deal with people smarter than me and everybody must have the capability to apply the "cute cat model", because due to the relativity of smartness everyone are surrounded by people, who are smarter in some context than they themselves are.

If I can live peacefully, undisturbed, in a "submarine" that is undetectable by all war-fighting parties and that can not be accidentally influenced by any of the war-fighting parties and that has all the typical indoor living conditions that I want, including fine food and fine internet connection, and the "submarine" can slip in and out of the war area any time I want, without being detected by anybody, then it really does not matter, what mess goes on "above" or which side wins the war or how long the war lasts. Fish in the sea eat each other all the time and there are no news saying, "Today fish A ate fish B at the end of a fearsome chase." Tigers and zebras also have their quarrels. Humans have their quarrels about resources, including loot that flows from the bottom of the pyramid to the top of some hierarchy, like it happens with the Vatican pope and its closer, royal, subordinates.

Some Black Humor

About the Complaints that many Important Phenomena in Life are "too Abstract", "Irrelevant in Daily Life", "too Mathematical"

The Meteor that made big Dinosaurs Extinct

That saying is understandable only in Estonian.

Kõik suured dinosaurused tapnud meteoriit oli kõigi nende dinosauruste jaoks liiga elukauge, liiga abstraktne. Lausa nii kaugel elust, et kõik surid maha. Sama oli 2. Maailmasõda paljude eurooplaste jaoks, äris edukad Siberis maha surnud eestlased kaasa arvatud. 2016 seisuga on näha, et 2016. aastal äris edukad eestlased on tulevase Eesti-Vene sõja dinosaurused, sest ise relvade arenduse finantseerimise asemel loodavad nad Toompea supermafia kaitsele ning Toompea supermafia loodab enda relvade arenduse asemel omakorda erinevais kontekstides kokku-varisenud USA peale.


  • I have (health) problems, therefore I'm alive. (The dead do not have any problems.)

Some Other Peoples' Sayings that I like

Kim Wilde

A rearrangement of her words: "People can instantly tell, whether a person is wearing the cloths or the cloths are wearing the person."

George Michael

It's not certain, whether it is true or not, but there is a rumor that the George Michael said in one of the documentaries about him when asked about media scrutiny and lack of privacy, 'if you can't have privacy, at least be honest'.

James Norman Mattis

Those are not exact quotes, but approximations based on my(Martin Vahi) memories from his presentations.

  • There is always room on the battlefield for all allies.
  • History shows that the side with most allies wins.

My own interpretation of those 2 sayings is that the slackers and parties, who do not do actual work but just like to enjoy the company of others, are very useful for diluting focus of the enemy from the real workers to the slackers and companionship enjoyers and with that they alleviate the situation of the real workers and increase the probability that the real, serious, workers succeed at what they do.

Heather A. Conley

Let's get the capabilities, let's grow the effort, and then be little less focused on, what I call, the theology.

My Estonian Translation with a few slight intentional changes:

Rohkem riistvara, vähem teoloogiat!