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The bitrary is a collection of tutorials and HOWTO-s. As the tutorials and HOWTO-s are elements of teaching, the guidelines are also about teaching.

People Differ and Forget

People understand new concepts by describing the new concepts in terms of previously learned concepts. Different people have learned different things, have had different life experiences.

People tend to forget things. Different people tend to forget different things. Selection, what is forgotten and what is remembered, depends on life experience. Things that are not frequently used, tend to be forgotten faster.

  • bitrary_guideline_1: A single, mathematically correct, explanation is probably not enough to allow multiple people to understand a new concept. It's recommended to provide multiple, different, explanations of the same teachable concept.

  • bitrary_guideline_2: A mathematically correct and understandable explanation is probably not enough to allow the concepts to be remembered till the moment they are really needed in practice. It's recommended to optimize the multiple, mathematically correct, explanations according to memory techniques.

According to the bitrary guidelines 1 and 2 the aim of the bitrary tutorials and HOWTO-s is not necessarily to provide brand new material, teach something that is't taught somewhere else. The main ideas is to provide alternative explanations and more easily memorable versions of the mathematically correct explanations. The search for more memorable and alternative solutions/proofs might even entail looking for new proofs to theorems that have been proved a long time ago.

Taking a look at the Heuristics for Solving Mental Challenges will probably not hurt either.