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As of 2017_01 I do not really know, what the mathematics field called "logic" is about, but it seems to me that the general idea seems to be that there are poles, like the ones that are placed into a sea for building boat docks at shallow waters, and then there are all sorts of weird pipes in different sizes and shapes and turning angles, some can be connected together, others do not have a match, and the mathematical field of "logic" tries to find out, how to build tunnels for ants from one of the poles to another. Classically the questions asked are:

  • Given a set of pipes and a set of poles, is it possible to build a bridge for ants so that they can walk to one other specific pole without walking into an unconnected branch of the tunnel that leads them to the sea? (The "satisfiability" test.) Possible answers: yes, failed_to_find_out.
  • Given the set of pipes and a set of poles, is it so that one specific pole from the set of poles can never be connected with the rest of the poles by using only the given set of pipes? Possible answers: yes, failed_to_find_out.

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