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Network Administration

Operating System Installation

In practice the idea that one can just clone a HDD/SSD/memory_card/USB-drive and boot another machine with the clone only works, if the machines have exactly the same hardware, exactly the same motherboard type. For example, Raspberry Pi memory card images are clonable. With x86/AMD64 laptops, desktop computers, etc. the cloning idea is usable only for some IT-department that has a whole batch of computers that have exactly the same type of motherboards and other hardware. For the mere mortals outside of such fancy IT-department it is only the installation from scratch that works, unless one uses Raspberry Pi's or something other very de facto standardized.

As of 2019 it is (still, thank God) possible to deliver applications software reliably by packaging the software inside a virtual appliance, for example, a VirtualBox virtual appliance.