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This whole love thing, the sex, the relationships, etc., is absolutely individual.


The probability that a smart, clever, individual likes the same sexual pleasures that pop culture, "mainstream", advertises, is less than 50%. The dumber the person, the more boring, classical, un-original is its way of having sex and frolicking is. It's easier to have sex, if the sex partners are of similar height. Having similar height increases the probability that the sizes of their genitals have better compatibility.

It's OK to try things out, provided that biological safety rules are maintained, but it would be naive to think that all of the common things that porno stars are customed to, are doable by an average person. For instance, the act of swallowing slimy, depending on circumstances, almost tasteless, substance, sperm, can be compared with the act of swallowing cooking oil. Usually many people throw up on the cooking oil.


Porn is very educational, because it allows people to intimately study a much bigger variety of body types than most of them would ever be able to do by having sex with all of those different kinds of people, specially given that not everybody wants to have sex with all other "body types", not to mention the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. If a person, who watches porn, gets an orgasm before the people, whom he/she watches, then the one, who watches porn, has better sex than the ones in the porn movie.

Analyzing, why one finds some porn movie character attractive and some other porn movie character unattractive, can help to map one's preferences, dreams and values. There's a good chance that the lack of attractiveness comes from signs of lack of health or association with bad behavior. For example, doctors can re-classify someone, who's appearance looks healthy for them and who is attractive for them, as unattractive simply by getting to know some more hidden, less visible, health parameter about that person. An illustration of how the signs of illness effect the sexual attractiveness of a person might be a notably muscular gay porn star from its twenties, may be early thirties, but with a twist that the gay porn star has nasty plague blisters all over its face and upper body. Would such a person be an attractive sex partner?


With the exception of sexually transmitted diseases, rape does probably almost all of its harm by hurting psychological health, because the physical side, independent of gender, is basically an involuntary massage without almost any physical damages. There's a good chance that rapers are not only psychopaths, but also mentally retarded, because they could get a much better, selective, massage by using artificial sex toys.


A relationship will not work out, if the LIFE STYLES of the lovers do not FIT TOGETHER. The life styles do not have to match, but they must fit together. For example a wife of a submarine officer or an airliner pilot will be unhappy, if she prefers a lifestyle, where she will spend a lot of time together with her husband and is willing to kiss him every morning.

At younger ages, including secondary school(American English: highschool) and early 20-ties, early university years, the only type of relationship that is even theoretically possible is sex-friends, friends-with-benefits, type of relationship, because people may decide to go to different schools, different universities that reside at different towns and after graduation they are likely to work on things or at companies that do not offer the opportunity to physically be together. That holds for all genders and it is not a mistreatment of another person to ask that other person directly, whether it is possible to have sex with that other person, whether it is possible to try out that other person sexually, because that other person needs to have sex with somebody anyway and that somebody might as well be me, provided that he/she does not already have a sex-friend or he/she wants to try out different sex partners. The only requirements are biological safety, pregnancy avoidance("family planning") and that the other person is intellectually not just sufficiently smart, but that the other person's mindset is style wise subjectively attractive and that the other person is psychologically capable of assuring that there will not be a mess like sexually transmitted diseases, unplanned pregnancy or some sort of absurd mood swings like deep depression out of nothing or exhilaration out of nothing.

Attitude Ideas

"She's cool and all, but not my type of cool."