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Philosophy : Psychology

Depression is a reaction, form of sorrow, that is triggered by the person's perception of lack of resources. (The perception might be correct, partly correct, utterly wrong or anything in between.) Objectively speaking the helpful resources might be there, exist, but the person's mental abilities do not allow the person to find the resources. For example:

  • Depressed person: "There are no jobs for me." The actual situation: "The person has wrong contacts, moves in wrong circles, communicates in wrong communities."
  • Depressed person: "Nobody loves me." The actual situation: "The person moves in wrong circles, tries to find their love from wrong places and/or makes it hard for the relationship to develop."
  • Depressed person: "I do not have any money." The actual situation: "Monetarily the situation is shoddy and desperate for change, but is money always needed or can some of the resources obtained by alternative means?" Alternative means do not include theft and robbing. :-D
  • Depressed person: "Nothing gets done." The actual situation: "Indeed, progress is slow and shoddy, but the bigger activity consists of smaller activities, which might be its dependencies, and those smaller activities can be completed, provided that one works hard and does not waste too much time on whining about it."