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Philosophy : Psychology

Sub-consciousness works not on will, but on data received. Focusing is based on determining the data that the sub-consciousness receives. On the other hand, the capacity to process data is limited, which means that unwanted data can be diluted down by making it part of noise, part of greater set of data.

How to cope with Disruptive Events that Ruin the mood to work

The solution is to dilute the data of the event down. The data is not re-interpreted, not seen through "pink goggles", but diluted down for the sub-consciousness to allow rational actions to be carried out even if the rational actions are carried out at reduced capacity. The capacity reduction comes from the fact that sub-consciousness processes the data that was used for diluting down the effect of the disruptive event related data.

Ideas to Try

  • Listen to some remix of very pleasant music.
  • Overload the sub-consciousness with social interactions that do not disrupt. (The risk with social interactions always exists that in stead of offering a reward they offer a set-back, disruption.)
  • Play computer-games.
  • Read something pleasantly engaging.