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Philosophy : Psychology

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One way to classify people is that there are people, who are mainly motivated by companionship and then there are people, who are mainly motivated by availability of new possibilities.

The people, who care mostly about the availability of new possibilities, find most social interaction to be something that lessens their possibilities and therefore lessens their motivation and increases their level of depression. Interaction with dumb(er) people exposes them to censorship, which further lessens their possibilities and increases their depression.

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People start to look for new solutions, start development work, look for the availability of new possibilities, when they feel the need for X while the current solutions do not provide enough X. X may be food, love, companionship, recognition, fame, material resources, money, etc. The ability to feel the need for X, unless X is food or water or something else at the lower levels of the pyramid of needs, assumes intellectual capability. Drunk people and people with severe dementia do not feel the need for scientific results that give them more alcoholic beverages or cure dementia. Giving loads of money to drunk people and demented people will not get them to conduct research and carrying out development work. The drunk people might even be too drunk to understand that they can exchange money for more booze and the demented people might not even understand, what money can be used for. They might see money bills as some sort of shoddy form of poor man's note paper.

To get more development work going, the materialistic and monetary resources have to be at the possession of intellectually bright people, who actually want to carry out the development work. Having a university diploma is not enough. Those, who just want to tick away at some corporate job or are too deferential to authority by doing what the boss tells them to do in stead of resigning/getting_dismissed or in stead of steadfastly doing, what is technically right, lack the capability to carry out independent, self-motivated, development. People, who are so social that they need others around them to have the motive to carry out their own, personal, agenda, are also wrong candidates for carrying out that kind of development work, because that kind of development work takes strong internal discipline and strong self-motivation and the capability to psychologically withstand failures and lack of success during long periods.